Funds Transfer

Transfer funds between your bank and trading account in very simple way. To get funds transferred into your trading account, we support advance as well as traditional banking transfer methods such as Online Transfer, IMPS, NEFT, RTGS & Cheque Deposits. Funds will reach into your trading account within 24 business hours. Additionally, we also support instant fund transfers for many popular banks in India.

Do’s and Don’ts while transferring funds/Depositing Cheques.

  1. Please pay only through properly Crossed/Account Payee cheque (s). No DD, Pay Order or Cash should be paid to any Sub-Broker, Employee, Authorized Person or any representative of company.
  2. Cheques should only be named either to “MaxGrowth Capital Pvt. Ltd.” or “Innovative Commodities Pvt. Ltd.”; No other named crossing should be given by clients to any associate/agent.
  3. Always give properly filled up cheque(s) with writing your Unique Client Code and your contact number behind the cheque(s). Don’t give blank or partially filled cheque(s) to anybody; even to the personnel introducing as Top Most Seniors of the company.
  4. Please be responsible investor and verify always that whether your handed over cheque(s) are deposited into abovementioned accounts only. You may cross verify it from your web-back office or calling direct to our accounts department in head office.
  5. Keep your Mobile Number and Email id up to date with company for Timely Information, Trade Confirmations and Another Crucial Updates. Visit your web back office on timely basis and cross verify your financial and trading information, inform company immediately if any discrepancy found. Even very small variation should be given into notice of company.
  6. Please take due care while handling your DIS (Demat Instruction Slips), don’t give your blank DIS slips to anybody. Properly fill up your DIS slip before delivering it to HO, Branch, and Franchisee or with any Company’s Associate.
  7. Change password of your web-back office and trading software regularly, don’t share your password(s) with anyone.
  8. Deposit your cheque(s) and/or Do RTGS/NEFT in following accounts only; Cheque(s) and/or RTGS/NEFT must not be deposited rather then following mentioned accounts.

MaxGrowth Capital Pvt. Ltd. (Capital, FO & Currency Segment)

- HDFC Bank Account- 00460340000548 (IFSC HDFC0000046)
- ICICI Bank Account- 061205000409 (IFSC ICIC0000612)
- Axis Bank Account- 911020034427551 (IFSC UTIB0000835)
- PNB Bank Account- 0720002100024596 (IFSC PUNB0072000)

Innovative Commodities Pvt. Ltd. (Commodity Segment)

- HDFC Bank Account- 00460340001903 (IFSC HDFC0000046)
- ICICI Bank Account- 061205000475 (IFSC ICIC000612)
- PNB Bank Account- 0720002100025027 (IFSC PUNB0072000)
- Axis Bank Account- 155010200016001 (IFSC UTIB0000155)